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treatment facility for addiction rehab ohio

Individualized Client Care

Faith-Based, results-driven treatment.

At Angel's Harbor, we offer individualized treatment to each client. We utilize evidence-based care, with the implementation of faith-driven treatment. Our goal is to be excellent in both of these areas to best serve each client that walks through our doors. Our hope is to identify the needs of each individual client to best serve them. We do this through residential treatment, transitional living, and outpatient services.

Treatment Facility in Ohio
Womens Rehab Facility in Ohio

How do we implement individualized care?

We implement these individualized treatment options on a case-by-case basis. For example, to anyone who enters our treatment facilities, we recognize that the idea of faith may not be our area of focus for their first moments in recovery. For specific individuals, we may focus on the physiological aspects of recovery first and then move into the importance of faith in recovery later on. This is just one example of how we may implement individualized treatment.

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