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inpatient and outpatient treatment for women

Our Story

womens inpatient and outpatient rehab for drug addiction
transitional living for women in recovery

Our story begins on April 6th, 2013.


On this day we lost a beautiful person to the destruction of addiction. Brandi Craft, sister to Tim Craft (CEO of Angel's Harbor), is the driving force that reflects the heart of who we are as a company. This facility is in honor of her.


Tim & Abby Craft along with their dear friend Ashley Baker have both battled and overcame addiction, and all of them have several years in recovery. On December 5th of 2020, Tim heard a word from God to establish a women’s treatment center in honor of his sister.


Tim himself is in recovery and found freedom from heroin addiction on March 1st, 2014. Tim, his wife Abby, and their friend Ashley began working on the vision that has now come to life; to offer services to other women who were in the same situation as Brandi.


It is now their goal to see many sisters, mothers, daughters, and cherished family members find that same freedom from addiction that they all have found. Angel's Harbor was founded with a purpose in mind and is operated with a passion to go after those still struggling with addiction to show them that there is a way out of their bondage.


With the help of many amazing people, we have seen the reality of this vision come to fruition. God has put all the pieces in place for Brandi Craft to be honored as many women will now have a chance at a new life that is greater than anything they could have imagined. We have seen God open many doors and believe that this is only the beginning of the impact that will be evidenced through these efforts.


We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the Mid Ohio Valley and we are believing that many other “Brandi’s” will walk into a life they could have only dreamed of. We believe we will continue to see our influence grow through many other recovery-based services as our vision continues to evolve.


Tim & Abby also co-pastor a church named The Reach United and a recovery ministry called High On Hope Ministries located in Parkersburg, WV. It is their goal to continue to establish strong support systems for their clients even after they graduate from the program and transition into sober living. We have a heart to see our region transformed and we believe that Angel's Harbor is one of the major pieces of that puzzle, and we believe this company will bring transformation to our community.

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